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About Us

About Us


We are a small independent Suffolk family run company.

Passionate about strong, lasting and luxurious scented candles that don’t disappoint.

Life’s normally busy and hectic for us all and the little luxuries in our lives that are so important

to our well beings shouldn’t add to the worlds waste. But at the same time give us the quality we want.

You can have both with our company’s products. We try to live by the Reuse, Recycled, Rebuilt, Reduce.

And love our saying of "Use Mother Nature, Don't abuse her" we are committed to using everything that is 100% Natural where possible.

And have so created a company proud not to use or sell any plastic.

All our products are handmade either by ourselves or bought from companies selling on behalf of others.

Who believe, like us that produce should be made with a low CO2 footprint, using Organic and Vegan products. 

We assure you that every product we make carries the current safety assessment certificates and toxicology reports as according to the laws within the EU Cosmetics Directive.

All of our formulas are registered with the CPNP in Brussels and are attached to poison control databases worldwide to assure their safety and yours.

Meaning that you as our customers are assured of not only high quality and the very best natural ecologically-sourced and organic ingredients; but also have the safety and knowledge of our expertise, professional ethics of our hub and staff.

We believe in doing things the RIGHT way( for us and our world) whilst offering you lots of amazing choices for natural products. How many companies can promise you that?! We like to think of ourselves as kinda special, if we do say so ourselves.

The best part of what we do comes from the love of our amazing customers. We make things in small batches with top quality ingredients. This gives us a level of quality control that cannot be matched by mass produced brands. They may win on their products looking flawless and 'fake' but we think the 'Handmade With Love' aspect  wins hands down every. single. time!