These amazing Ancient fruit baring trees have been used by so many cultures for so many different purposes.

Olive oil its self has so many advantages for our skin, ageing, dry, problematic and already healthy. I've had the serious difficulty trying to put it's qualities into short notes for you . Because honestly it's gifts just never stop giving.

It removes dead skin cells and promotes new cell generation, slowing down signs of ageing by adding elasticity back.

The moisturising properties are intense, hydrating the skin and as we know this reduces fine lines.

It's also not a quick fix in terms of moisturising as it aids skin to retain this moisture throughout the day.

Naturally hypoallergenic it's perfect for the most sensitive of us.

Olive oil contains huge amounts of cancer fighting Anti oxidants.

Anti inflammatory properties heals eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and rashes. (So much more to)

Anti bacterial for fighting acne.

Along with everything that it can do for us and our skin it's also completely sustainable, Olive Trees now grow all over the world not just in the Mediterranean as it originated. Even Cold, Damp and rather Grey (at times) England can support these trees.

We have a whole range of Olive Oil soaps here at Shelby and they are some of my most personal favorite, not just because of the benefits, but the feel of it on my skin in the shower. It does have a tendency to be rather soft though due to the high oil content so I always use mine in one of our soap bags.

But honestly I use all of our soaps with one, I like to have things clean and reduce my time cleaning as much as possible, And that is the only downside soap over shower gel, the soap scum. But there's ways around that!