I don’t know when I first became slightly obsessed with living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. I think, it was when I finally found out I was Soya and Gluten intolerant and had to consciously watch everything I put in my mouth.
With that I started to notice all the different ingredients and chemicals in everything we eat and use.
Looking up the items I didn’t already know of and after that, one thing lead to another and I started to replace our household items with a more eco and health friendly items.

Well as much as I can, Mum of 5 there’s only so much healthy living I can push on them!

Soaps over Showers though that was an easy one to swap. I was completely guilty of not being concerned before, just looking at the price, the offer of scent and other promising effects that it would boast of.

However the more I read about the ingredients and the side effects the more horrified I was.
And here’s my little biology lesson to explain why I will never go back to using a bottled liquid soap/shower gel, the effects they have on us.
Shower gels contain at least 5 really harmful chemicals:
Parabens – known to cause hormonal imbalance. Linked to breast and skin cancer.
Used as a preservative. Can be absorbed through our skin and into our bodies.

SLS – a foaming agent that irritates delicate skin, especially skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and dryness. Due to small molecule size.

Dioxane – toxic to the brain, nerves, kidney and liver. Identified as a carcinogen doesn’t even have to be listed on products.

Tricolsan – registered as a pesticide, FDA banned it in 2018 but can unfortunately still be found in products. Affects hormones so dramatically that they can affect fertility.

Formaldehyde – probably the most shocking out of them all this chemical doesn’t even have to be listed by manufacturers but instead can hide behind names such as quaternium-15,DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, sodium hydroxy-methlglcinate, brornopol, glyoxal, oxaldeahyde.

This chemical is actually inhaled by you when in use and can cause irritation to your eye, nose, throat. Leading to asthma, and links show to lowering your immune, affecting our neurological system, links to lung cancer, Hodgkin’s and leukaemia.
As for the effects on the environment I think most of us already can assume, none of it’s good.
For starters you have the plastic bottles, plastic isn’t widely recycled in any country really. The highest percent is around about 5-10 percent. In a good year. That’s nothing when you think how much we produce.
Not only that the production of plastic bottles themselves, comes at a high cost. And I don’t mean finically either.
We also tend to use loofahs and sponges with the shower gels, these are mainly made of plastic to, and because of how often they tell us to replace them for hygiene reasons we tend to get through quite a few.
The chemicals just explained and so many more are not good for our wider environment or the creatures we share this earth with.
Remember whatever we use in the shower goes straight into the water system and ultimately into the seas and ocean, home to the aquatic animals of this planet.

The potentially harmful substances can bioaccumulate in living organisms. Petroleum, which is a derived synthetic detergent, along with emulsifying agents, stabilisers that are needed to persevere and maintain the consistence of shower gels are all so damaging.

When talking about soap on the other hand it is much simpler and quicker.

Soaps have a range of natural bases, that are beneficial to us and our skin. That doesn’t have a knock-on affect on our surrounding environment when it eventually travels down the plug hole.

Soaps are immensely good at effectively ridding the skin of oil, bacteria and dirt build up.

The packaging needed for soap bars is far less than liquids, proving to be superior for the environment and its burden upon it.
 Especially here at Shelby’s where we package everything in paper. So, our soaps are 100% natural and eco-friendly in every way possible.

The one downside to soap is that, if left to sit in a puddle of soapy water it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This however is very easily avoided and remedied by keeping your soap dishes/sides/soap bags clean. Just give them a rinse and wash away the soap scum every day. With my own soap bags, I throw them into the wash when I change the bar and always hang it up after showering. Allowing the air to dry the soap.
So if you were undecided before, I think it’s safe to say that now is the best time to move away from feeding ourselves chemicals in our shower gels and get back to natures beauty goods. To think that we are taking comfort and convenience over our own health is worrying. If you take pride in yourselves, eating healthy, exercising regularly then it’s only fair to acknowledge your skins health and wants to.