Covid Comeback


These last few months have lasted a lifetime, or maybe it’s just me?!

After a bustling and busy Christmas not just in the shop but at home as well, it felt like everything came to an abrupt halt.

During the 1st lockdown I was kept bright with this newfound freedom from every day “normal” life and threw myself into creating and exploring new recipes for new products and loved every minute of the unusually hot summer we had.

I loved having and spending so much time with the children and building the business online. Explored social media and started to build a great all round base to everything.

The 2nd lockdown is a completely different story. It was not new, it was not fun, the children weren’t so happy to be at home after having a taste of school life surrounded by friends. To be locked indoors with siblings again.

I longed to be at the shop, meeting with everyone that had come in, talking about the products, how they came to be, why they were so much better for us and the environment. Watching people leave with happy faces after picking up something for themselves or gifts for others.

My whole drive went out the window, whereas I was up and dressed and skipping through the days before. My pyjamas became my everyday attire and I meandered through the day not seeming to have accomplish anything at all.

All the rush to make products had disappeared and my imagination and dreaming up new lines went with it.


Still, we survived and received the happy news that life would be opening up a little more, my brain waking up a little more and with that inspiration hit.

I wanted the more luxurious oiled bath bombs without the discomfort some of us feel after, out came the ingredients and the scales. Bringing with it this new line of bath bombs that provide relaxation, scent, swirling shimmering colour and moisture in one! I must say I am extremely happy and proud of them and hope you all have enjoyed them as much as me.

If you’ve come to see us you know that trying to fit a whole new range of bath bombs in was not going to be easy. We’re a very quaint store and arranging storage can be a challenge.

 With how well the open ladder shelves have worked making the small space seem open and bigger, we followed suit and built a new section on the other side to give the bombs a home.


Adding more shelves between the existing ladders the other side to rehouse the ones we moved.


The recreating new recipes haven’t stopped there and I’m (not so) quietly working on new soaps, prettier, bigger but also full of new skin beneficial properties. That lather up amazingly and leave your skin soft and moisturised. Perfect for those of you still unsure about giving up the liquid gel in the shower.

Super scruby Sugar Scrubs will be the next to grace our shelves, that I promise you will leave your skin positively glowing and exfoliated to perfection for summer. More on that to follow in my next post!


For now I will leave you to your day and hope to see you soon.